Friday, July 21, 2006

Roll Over Beethoven

There's nothing like listening to live music. Tonight at Crosspoint Church (whose web page is currently down for some unknown reason), we went to Higher Grounds - sort of an open mike night for local singers and songwriters. There was some great local talent - including Doug Stokes of The Shoals and Matt Johnson, among others. A few of our own members showcased their talents - Shawn Puryear (with a wonderful song he wrote himself), Scarlett Thompson, Al Jackson. Oh, yeah, and some guy named Brad singing some obscure country songs (Sweet Southern Comfort?). I didn't get there until an hour after it started, so there was probably some good stuff that I missed.

There was a pretty good range of music - both popular and original, secular and Christian. I heard more than one Johnny Cash song tonight.

I understand that the plan is to have it every 4th Friday; I'll be making plans to be free those nights.

Here are a couple of poorly lit pictures to enjoy:


  1. you really have an interesting blog jim. thanks for the "higher ground" pics- i wasn't there but heard it was great! now i can see the set up- crosspoint rocks!

  2. Thanks! It was an awesome night...I can't wait for the next one.