Saturday, July 15, 2006

Across the Universe

Please see to the right a picture of the ticket I bought for the movie You, Me, and Dupree tonight. That's right. You don't see that title on it. You see, I went with some friends who bought tickets early. Then they invited me to come, and when we got there, it was sold out. So one of my friends suggests I just buy a ticket for a different movie. "They don't sell every seat," he tells me. So I buy a ticket for Click and walk nonchalantely to a different theater than the one showing Click. Of course, the whole time, I'm wondering when the Miami Vice are going to jump out and pull me from the theater, but that's just how I think. I need to learn to relax more.

Saw some neat light shows on the way home tonight.


  1. jim, these are sooo awesome. thanks for keeping your camera handy. you rock, god rocks!

  2. Thanks, Gena - I'm glad you like them!