Saturday, July 08, 2006

Braunschweiger, Food of Kings

I don't know why it holds such nostalgia for me. And it can't be just any sort of off-brand liver sausage or no-name liverwurst. It's got to be Oscar Mayer.

It reminds me of dark, early mornings going fishing with my Grandpa on Lake Erie when my Grandma would put it on pita bread. It reminds me of the happiness of growing up. (Except that one time when I was about 10 and I thought I would try it with Arby's sauce. That was a waste of a good sandwich.)

I eat it rarely now, and that may be part of the secret.

A few years ago (back when I spent hours wasting time on the internet) I came across this great recipe: Meat Paste and Nose Killer. I can't believe I can still find it. It's excellent. (It's about the 9th item down on that page if you're interested.)

Ever the adventurer, I thought I'd try something new tonight. Braunschweiger on a toasted bagel. Wonderful. If you haven't entered the wonderful world of braunschweiger, you don't know what you're missing. I love finding joy in the little things in life.


  1. my vote: stick with the pictures of the sky :) just kidding, it's the little joys that get us thru. i actually get your fascination with this thing i can't remember how to spell...

  2. what's with the word verification and the wheelchair? I am not physically challenged so does that mean i leave the comments to those who are?

  3. you know i am kidding-right?

  4. sorry, i bet you got excited you had four comments and it turns out they are all stupid and from me. life is also full of let downs, let downs and bologna.

  5. I'd never noticed the wheelchair before; apparently, if you cannot read well, you can click on it and instead type what you hear instead of what you see...

    And it works! Cool.

    Sorry...I've seen enough spam on these comments to try to weed it out.