Monday, July 17, 2006

I Me Mine

We're such a self-centered culture. We're obsessed with my rights, getting what I want, doing what I like. Is that the reason it's so difficult to practice self-denial? Why most churches I know don't ever talk about things like fasting?

That sure makes it difficult to resist the things that seem natural and enjoyable, even if I'm trying to avoid them. Lust and gluttony and anger are indulgences and outlets that seem as natural as anything. How do we avoid them in a world that preaches cater to self? Too often, we don't avoid them.

This isn't pointing fingers; this is a judgment on me.

I noticed this the other day on my commute to work. First of all, two vans sped past me, which, for some unknown reason, gets on my nerves. Then I spied the "How's My Driving" sticker, and had the sudden urge to speed up just to get the number so I could call it and tell on them. OK, let's throw mercy out.

A little later traffic stopped near Balch road. My first thought, of course, was how I would be late for work. Someone could have died, and I'm concerned about 15 minutes of my time. There goes compassion. Fortunately, as I passed by, I could see that a truck just got stuck dumping some gravel.

Krista's in Mexico this week, being missional. Maybe she'll bring home some of that sentiment and it will rub off on me. Somehow, I don't think we can say we follow Jesus if we only act like Him in other countries.

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