Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Saw the Sign...

I think I see some of the point of this sign - God wants us to be proactive, and not be couch potatoes. And I'm a procrastinator by heart, so it hits me.

But on the other side, I think this is another negative aspect of our culture creeping in to our relationship with God.

It's this whole, do-it-yourself, pull-youself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps, I-can-do-it mentality. Now I do believe that if we are followers of Jesus that we would want to be proactive and continually do good, and for these kinds of things, God does say, "Don't wait."

But sometimes our God-helps-those-who-helps-themselves ideals get in the way of God's work. Sometimes, God does say, "Wait."

I know that can be a difficult thing to know, but there are times when He's telling us that what He has in store for us isn't immediate. He's pretty clear that His timing is not our timing.

In fact, I can almost hear Abraham and Sarah talking to each other about this very thing.
Well, Abraham, it's been 10 years - don't you think maybe He's waiting on us to do something?

In my experience, that's one of the hardest things - knowing when to wait on Him, and knowing when we are supposed to take action. I think that's when we are to be still and quiet, and listen for Him, and ask for His guidance. Something that we've done a poor job of in the past, in my opinion.

Plus, doesn't this just sound like a high school cheer?

Two, four, six, eight,
Who do we appreciate?

God says, "Don't wait,"
Satan says, "Procrastinate!"


  1. I guess that's better than the sign I saw in Ardmore last week at the Methodist church.

    "... And, you think it's hot here ..."

  2. Funny you should mention that...

  3. i was waiting...when i saw it i told mark that we would see that on your blog!
    how sad really-

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  5. sad not because it is on your blog sad, sad that hell is mentioned so often...and my dad's an elder there, do you now feel sad for me?

  6. ...I think she means your blog is sad, Jim...Freudian slip:)

    How's that NT Wright going Jim??


  7. Clarissa - you go to church with Shannan, don't you? My wife Krista met you at a Bible study.

    Gena - I don't know what to say - except that I am sad for you.

    Brad - Unfortunately, I haven't picked that book up, yet...

  8. no slipping there- and i must say that i am proud of my parents, heritage, etc. seriously.
    it makes me more thankful of God's grace. i can relax and enjoy...
    (and i am doing so well at that...hmmmm)