Saturday, January 14, 2006

I was hoodwinked.

Saw Hoodwinked! last night with my little daughter. I know it was dangerous to take her to a film that was rated PG without having seen it first. Maybe I put too much faith in the reviews that rate "family friendliness."

First of all they don't indicate that the movie stunk. I tend not to leave movies early regardless of their quality, so I found myself shushing my 3-year-old when 20 minutes into the movie she started saying "I wanna go!"

Most of these "family" sites were pretty close to the mark - there's not a lot that you mind your kids seeing in this film. But none of these sites pointed out the biggest offense of the movie - all the stereotypes: the Hillbilly, the German, the Austrians (and that's just a start). Then there was a scene with an informant - I don't know what that was about... It just seemed that a lot of the humor relied on stereotyping different types of people, which seems really uncreative to me.

There were a few funny moments, but overall I was unimpressed. I'm glad I only had to pay for myself (well, not including the $10 in concessions that we didn't eat).

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