Saturday, January 14, 2006

Crazy Canadian Mathematicians

Well, with the help of a few of my friends from Canada (thanks, Neil and Iain), I think I figured out what that Canadian math problem was about (actually, the math problem isn't Canadian, but you know what I mean). Apparently, it has something to with Canadian laws governing gambling and lotteries. If they add a question testing your math skills, they can bypass all the gambling laws. One interesting thing to note is that they don't even use proper math order. The math problem in question, then (5 + 4 x 2 - 8 = ?) wouldn't even be properly computed as 5 (doing the 4 x 2 first), but going from left to right would equal 10.

Another inteesting thing to note is that I continually spell the word weird incorrectly. As my daughter would say, "What's that all about?"

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