Thursday, June 05, 2008

Whose side are you on?

There's an important decision to make this year, which should make things particularly interesting, especially as we get closer to the day of reckoning. Who are you throwing your support behind? The has-been or the new blood? You'll probably be able to tell who I'm supporting, even if I don't name them specifically.

Really, it comes down to 2 choices - I mean, there's more than two to choose from (technically), but when you come down to it, there's just the top two players. And I think it'll be pretty easy for me - one's the obvious pick. The has-been doesn't seem like he's going to add anything new; he's been around a loooong time, and it shows. I wonder how much he's actually got left. But the new blood - I think he's going to be revitalizing everything.

Who will you be voting for on that fateful day? I don’t know how much you’ve thought about this, but please take a minute to consider your options. You never know the far reaching consequences it could have. And if you don’t plan on making your voice heard, reconsider. So, come that day of June 20, will you go to the theater and see Mike Myers in The Love Guru, or Steve Carell and Get Smart? (Wait, you didn’t think I was talking about something else did you?)