Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks, and Good Night

Very nice.

Apparently, I look like a freaked out hippy scientist to 75% of the people who read my blog.

Thanks to all 3 of you.


So much for Jerry Garcia.  I'm off to cut my hair. 

(ok, ok, I'm just kidding)

It doesn't bother me.

At least not much.



  1. No, you do not look like that guy. Honestly.
    I failed to vote in time for the tally, sorry. However, do you REALLY want to look like Jerry?

    Akeelya and the Bee was excellent. I really enjoyed. I think Julianna would like it, just be aware there are a couple of adult language words. Not too bad though.

  2. Ha! Thank you. Well, I'd rather look like him than the guy in the movie!

    Thanks for heads up on the movie...we'll have to rent it...

  3. Just don't start wearing glasses any time soon and keep using Just For Men. Ha!!!!