Monday, June 09, 2008

CrossPoint VBS ToyBox Video: Episode I (Peace)

Since it premiered today at CrossPoint's VBS, I thought I'd share the first video I made for this year's Vacation Bible School.

ToyBox Episode I: Peace

A little background. Gena Killen asked me to do a few videos for this year's Vacation Bible School. The themes for the 3 days would be Peace, Love, and Eternal Life. She asked me to make them silly, and relate to the themes in a roundabout way. Almost by showing what these things weren't rather than describing what they were - in case you're wondering why the video doesn't really explain peace very well. Also, the general theme for the week was the 70's. Thus the period music and a few other items thrown in. Of course, I left the credits off the VBS version. That would've just been tacky.


  1. Very good. I am really impressed. I see movies in your future. Very well thought out. I see we have great voice actors in the family. Very proud.

  2. Thanks, Dad! I appreciate the comments! Julianna did great!

  3. That was the most awesome thing I have seen in a while!! I'm going to get Fred right now and make him watch it.

  4. Feel free to share with friends :)