Saturday, June 14, 2008

ToyBox Episode III: Eternity

The final video of the trilogy. I thought it ended well.

I think it makes me want to make more videos of Spidey dancing...


  1. That was really great. Loved the spiderman dance to Stayin Alive. I don't think I have laughed so hard. Was great to see Superman change into a different outfit. I thought Kermit as Indi and the theme was over the top. They get better all the time. Is Yoda on rewind? Ha! Looking forward to more lessons from the Toybox. Julianna is a shining star. You should get Max involved.

  2. Actually, Krista had the idea to dress Max as Yoda and have him waddle around - that would've been really cute. But it would have taken a little more work than breaking open that Yoda toy...

  3. i wanted to thank you again for the videos. they were a big hit! i think i may house some of your biggest fans too! the boys said one of their favorite things last week was going to your house for the sneak peak. they felt so special!

    i know this took a lot of time. i really do appreciate you using this unusual talent and gift for our children's ministry. you rock my friend!

  4. And thank you so much for the opportunity to do it! I've been trying to do things like this for years, and I think you finally jumpstarted it! I'm really glad that they went over so well.