Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our Consumer Responsibility

I haven't read The Onion in a while, being underwhelmed by the recent content of their articles. But, I just came across an article I had to share, since I've soapboxed about tipping here before:

10-Percent Tip Teaches Waitress Valuable Lesson


  1. Every cheapass tipper that I ever had taught me to make sure I blew snot in their food on their return trip to the restaraunt.

    Alot of people don;t realize that when they enter a "sit down" fullservice restaraunt, they are in fact entering into an unspoken contract. There is the implicit understanding that part of what they are paying for is the full service, and that payment, rather than being included in the price of the food items, is calculated as a gratuity. if you go to a sit down restaraunt and fail to do so, you are not living up to your end of the contract.

  2. I used to believe part of that contract included the idea that if I got poor service, then that could impact my tip. Even after I waited tables I believed that.

    I guess, in a sense, I still believe that, even though I no longer practice it. But that's what I had talked about earlier - that my beliefs have changed my practice and I have a higher calling...

  3. Well. . .the only time I have EVER intentionally stiffed or reduced a tip at a restaraunt was at one of my former places of employment. I was served by a someone who I had waited on before, provided excellent service for, and then she STIFFED me. Can you beleive that?

    Trust me, I gave her my .02 worth. . .