Friday, October 06, 2006

It's Good To Be Home

Been gone to the East Coast, and I'm finally back. It's good to be home with my wife and daughter. I was happy that I got to eat blue crabs while I was away (they were amazing at The Dancing Crab), but that only made being gone a little easier.

Although my daughter can be severely independent in wanting things her own way, I'm Sometimes awed by the fact that she can be so sensitive to other people. She wants to be Batgirl for Halloween. The thing that's odd about that is she's into Princesses and Dora and The Wizard of Oz and Kim Possible. I'm the one that's into Batman. If she chose for herself she'd probably be Ariel, or Kim, or Dorothy.

A number of weeks ago, I brought her back a necklace from California . Even though she loves jewelry, I think it's a bit heavy and "scratchy" so she hasn't worn it. We were talking about it the other day, and I was asking her about it. Well, in the discussion, I think she could tell I was disappointed she hadn't been wearing it, so, she decided to wear it that afternoon. She's four, but sensitive to other people's feelings.

Plus, Have I mentioned she's smart? I bought this shirt off eBay last week because, coincidentally, her soccer team this season is The Flash. She knew what it was when I asked her (she already knows her superheroes - that's even more important than the alphabet, isn't it?!) and she knew I bought it because of her team. Sometimes I don't know why I've been blessed in the ways that I have been.


  1. julianna is thoughtful. you are blessed. glad you are back and i look forward to zoe with you guys!

  2. What is more important than our children knowing there super heroes, after all? Can Julianna categorize them by Marvel and DC? Mine either, but Marbel has fallen out of favor lately.

    I am also proud of my children's ability to recognize different musical artists, like Rush, Pink Floyd, The Who. . you know , THE CLASSICS.

    We simply MUST get these people all together!