Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Funniest Thing I've Ever Heard

I'm sorry, but I've got to tell this story.

Nana's in town, so the granddaughters are getting spoiled, which is to be expected. So, yesterday, we were at Target, waiting on everyone to check out, and Krista and I were sitting in the snack bar, across from Julianna and Josephine (my niece) who had just received new baby dolls courtesy of Nana. Krista asked Julianna what her baby's name was.

Julianna responded, "Gabriella Grace." (Which is the name Krista had been holding on to if we found out we were having a girl; to be honest, I'm still not convinced, but I think it's a moot point, now.)

Krista then asked Josephine what her baby's name was.

She replied, "Poopy."

I swear, if I wasn't holding a sleeping Ella (my other niece), I would have fallen out of my chair, I laughed so hard. It still cracks me up when I think about it...


  1. I laugh harder around these little people than I have ever laughed in my life. Everyday is one mountain of hilarity after another.

    Olivia doesn't play with her babies much, But she does from time to time (she is more about animals and monsters), but we have Baby Mary, Baby Stephanie, Baby Charlotte, and Baby Gimpy.

    Her brother bit the foot off of Baby Gimpy. . .hence, the name, "Baby Gimpy".

  2. Kids are hilarious. There are a lot of reasons I'm glad we had Julianna, but bringing joy and laughter to our lives is one of the top (and maybe most selfish)...