Friday, October 13, 2006

Old jokes

We are very blessed in that most of my grandparents are still alive. I've got both on my mom's side, and my Grandma on my dad's side. It's neat to see my little girl sit on her great grandmother's (her GG's) lap while she listens to the same songs my Grandma sang to me when I was four years old (Animal Crackers in My Soup, The Man in the Moon). If I'm remembering here correctly, all 3 of these grandparents were born on 1923, making them all 83 this year. And they never cease to surprise me.

I don't normally forward e-mail jokes, much less post them here, but I think this one is worth it by virtue of the fact that it was forwarded to me by my Grandpa (along with all the other family in their addressbook). Yes, all my grandparents have e-mail.

An old fellow was celebrating 92 years on this Earth. He spoke to his toes.

"Hello, toes!" he said. "How are you, toes? You know, you are 92 today. Oh, the times we've had! Remember we walked in the park in summer every Sunday afternoon? The times we waltzed on the dance floor? Happy Birthday, toes!"

"Hello, knees," he continued. "How are you, knees? You know you're 92 today. Oh, the times we've had! Remember when we marched in the parade? Oh the hurdles we've jumped together. Happy Birthday, knees!"

Then, he looked down at his crotch. "Hello, Willie, you little bugger! If you were alive today, you'd be 92."

I probably wouldn't think the joke was that funny, except for the fact that my Grandpa (who, have I mentioned, is 83 and gets e-mail) sent it to me. It made me laugh that much harder when I read the commentary he appended to the e-mail:

That's the way it goes.

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