Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I've Learned This Week

It's been a long week, and I've learned a lot.

  1. How to install a toilet.
  2. How to replace a keyboard in a mini laptop.
  3. That toddler riding toys make great dollies to move heavy toilets.
  4. That if you can't figure out what to eat for lunch and you work close to a Super Target, an asiago cheese bagel, a quarter pound of seasoned Angus roast beef, and some wasabi makes a good sandwich.
  5. That two packets of wasabi is probably too much for a sandwich like that (though the flames shooting out your nose are pretty cool).
  6. Target has some delicious looking sushi (I was afraid to try it).
  7. I shouldn't go into home improvement - some things are better left to professionals. 
  8. I'm old #1: My forearms and hands are sore as can be from cutting tile (see #7). 
  9. I'm old #2: Ralphie (you know, from A Christmas Story) turned 38 today.  I turn 38 this year. 
  10. I think I like Nickelback. (I love the song Rockstar.)
  11. Seether did a cool remake of Wham's Careless Whisper.
  12. What "waiting with bated breath" means ('bated' is similar to 'abate' - so it's like trying to abate your excitement or hold your breath). 
  13. It's not "baited breath".
  14. You've got to have a good strategy if you're going to beat a 6-year-old at Mario Kart.
  15. Finally, I've learned I'm still not very patient. I'd like to slap the next person who answers a multiple-choice question with "yes" (when they're not joking - just not paying attention).  When you ask someone if they prefer A or B, and they're only half listening and instead of choosing A or B, they say "yes".  It drives me nuts! 


  1. Ahh, but the joy of accomplishment. Good for you. So the toilet doesn't rock anymore? Ha. As far as the wasabi, look at it this way, You don't have to clip for a while. When you learn new things doesn't it feel good when it all comes together? Hope you feel accomplished.

  2. Dude, sorry I'm over at the in-laws and on this computer it must automatically sign into blogger as "mom". That's sortof funny...

  3. I feel like I've accomplished some. But I also feel near death. Plus, there's a lot of work to go.

  4. Looks like I've found a new nickname for Jud! Ha!

  5. Wow. I don't like Nickelback. That song is ok...but...I really don't like Nickelback. Maybe I was drunk when I wrote that.