Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nothing's too good

Nothing but the best will do when I travel.

Walked toward my rental car and got really excited. Guess which of these two cars was mine.

If you guessed the red Ford Mustang, you'd be wrong. If you guessed the silver Ford Fusion, you'd be right.

Same goes for my room. Was this the view I got?

(the view of the courtyard is better than the pic; excuse my poor iPhone picture-taking skills)

Or did I get this one

of the parking lot?

If you guessed the courtyard, you're wrong again.

Sorry - no prize for you today.


  1. Ha! That reminds me of that comercial (I think it's Avis rent-a-car???) where this guy's car is sitting at an airport parking lot in the freezing rain and thinking "I bet he's out driving that little red sports car right now..."

  2. Where were you? A business trip?

  3. Wish it had been the pony, Dude

  4. I know...yeah...St. Louis. Kind of a last minute thing. Great fun.

    Jud - I haven't seen that commercial...I'll have to look for it.