Monday, April 27, 2009

India Palace

Got some takeout from a place called the Indian Palace in St. Louis tonight. I was looking for someplace on Yelp (it's an iPhone app that points out places you're looking for then pops them into Google Maps and gives you directions from your current location; isn't technology awesome?). It had some good reviews, and I was craving some Indian food. It took me forever to get to it since it was off of a highway and Google doesn't tell you how to take the side streets.

(Switching tenses here - be forewarned.)

I pull into the parking lot of the Best Western and see this.

A drive-in??

I pull in and find myself in a dark, scary parking garage. I see a sign that says India Palace is on the 11th floor.

Don't let the sunlight fool you. This garage was dark. And scary. So I walk in the back door to a tiny, creepy elevator.

Yes - that tiny and that creepy. I almost didn't get in, but my love for Indian food goes a long way.

I head to the 11th floor.

Walk through a back hallway, open a door, and

I've got two stupid blurry pictures of the amazing lobby.

But here's the bar.

And a couple shots of the inside of the restaurant.

And the chicken vindaloo (plus the garlic nan) was fantastic. (This was takeout.)

What staging!!

(Note: if you want to see better pics of this place, take a look at the website - linked from the top of the page.)

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  1. Thanks for the travel log. Did you have to stand in the elevator sideways? Just kidding. The staging was perfection, But I got to tell you man, someone barfed on your plate. By the way you need to buy a portable gps.