Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Want Some Footy Pajamas

I think I know why these pajamas are on clearance. Because no 12-year-old would be caught dead in footy pajamas.

As a matter of fact, as I was laughing about this and taking this picture, some mom walked up with her son who was about 9. She said, "Hey look, footy pajamas." His response was a rather hasty "No."


  1. Hey I would love some footy pajamas! HA! JK!

  2. i wore them when i was a sr. in high school. not kidding.

  3. OK - you've got me rethinking my comments. My camera phone didn't pick it up real well at Target, but those were all boys pajamas. I guess I can't fathom a 12-year-old boy wearing footy pajamas!

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  5. i deleted the last comment because of a typo. i am jinxed.

    here is the revision:
    it was as a halloween costume, i had a big pacifier and all (sick i know). then i sortof began wearing them because they were so warm- but it was all too hard to go to the bathroom. they didn't win out in the end but i enjoyed them for a while.

  6. But I've always been partial to: