Friday, December 21, 2007

I love to visit the doctor's office

Receptionist DO NOT know how long the wait is. Also DO NOT know grammar. Either that, or Receptionist talk in first person like Tarzan. Or Bizarro. Hmmm...maybe that means receptionist really DO know how long wait is.

Sorry; I'm just sitting here in the doctor's office, head in a fog, rambling.

Jim am not sick. Jim LIKE doctor's office. Jim like to feel yucky at Christmastime.

If you have no idea who Bizarro is, sorry about that. Of course, you should if you've seen Seinfeld.


  1. Also, did you notice that there seems to be a veiled threat to those who have complained (i.e. “Get you back”).

  2. obviously, what's wrong? being the better question.

  3. Just got a miserable cold...trying to get it knocked out before I all this vacation time.

    Thanks for asking!

  4. hey jim, nice typo on your "i hate typo post" - "...before i all this vacation time.

    priceless! - just joshin

  5. very funny laugh for me this morning!!

  6. I'm blaming it on the head cold makin' me all fuzzy 'n stuff...

    Glad you liked it, Cortnie - think Joe will get the Seinfeld reference?

  7. So funny! I laughed out loud - no wait, Gina laugh out loud.