Saturday, December 22, 2007

Florence Times Daily Scam

I'm sitting at home the other day and the phone rings. It appears to be a local number (256/781-4908), so I pick it up. On the other end is a woman talking a mile a minute, telling me they'll be delivering the local paper, the Times Daily, in a new format in my area, and they're giving people copies. So, it sounds like I'm getting a free copy of the paper. Then she says she has to give me to her supervisor to do some quality check to make sure she did a good job or something. So I get on the phone with this guy who tries to verify I just ordered a subscription to the Times Daily. What?!? I said "no", and he immediately hangs up. What's that all about? Is the paper doing so poorly they're resorting to telemarketing to scam people into subscriptions? I called the number back and got a voicemail with "Turnkey Solutions" that appears to be a firm that does telemarketing.

Good grief. It's bad enough I get this crap from bigger companies, now the local paper is doing it? Has anyone else got calls like this?


  1. That's why I only read respectable publications like The Courier Journal...

  2. Ha! Did you read the editorial about the "vomitus" a couple weeks ago?

  3. was that the one where the guy called the cops on those kids who were testing deoderant in wal-mart?!?!

  4. Yes!! And the really sad thing is that he's a local preacher. With...[drumroll]...a Church of Christ.

    Ah, yes...we're big on grace, mercy, and love :)

  5. So, lemme get this straight...If I come to YOUR house...wash my car using YOUR water, hose, soap, etc...I'm TESTING YOUR system...
    It's called STEALING where I come from...Jim.

  6. I completely agree. It is technically stealing. But if someone steals fifty cents worth of water from my hose, I'm not going to spend hours of my time going around to officers of the law, trying to get them to go after them, and even send letters to local publications to try to track that person down (with thinly-veiled racist remarks).

    Especially since I'm trying to imitate Jesus living a life of grace and mercy.