Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blue Skies

Bright, blue skies yesterday morning.

Even brighter skies yesterday afternoon, so I took a picture with my sunglasses to see how it would turn out.

I couldn't tell if this person was trying to block the sun while they were driving, or were just fascinated by this week's coupons. Either way, it looks dangerous (says the man taking pictures). I had to doctor this picture by reversing it since I took it through my rear-view mirror.


  1. how do you drive and do all this? be careful manchester or their will be some dude taking pictures of you on the side of the road with your little camera in your hand wailing,
    "it was just such a beautiful sunset"

    (i know i am not really one to talk)

    loved the candy corn soda, i stand corrected.

  2. Very carefully :)

    At least someone has good taste! Glad you liked it...