Saturday, September 16, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Different...

The Find of the Century - at this very moment, I am drinking a Limited Edition Candy Corn soda. Delicious!

Also, here's an action shot of Julianna playing soccer today.


  1. candy corn rocks. however in a can, liquified...i will take your word for it ;) and julianna is a natural, awesome form

  2. I'll have to save one for you!

    And she takes after her Mom...

  3. We HAVE to see you guys when you come up to Michigan next! 'Anna's just growing up so fast! She looks so big throwing in her soccer ball. Briannah's starting playing the upright bass on Wed.!!

    How quickly time flies.

  4. I'm glad you're able to pass onto Julianna the love of soccer we enjoyed growing up. That's awesome!