Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mmmm...Grillin' Over an Open Flame

I really want to get a Whopper when I head out of town to pick Krista up from the airport.

Unfortunately, Burger King still refuses to spend an extra $250,000 a year to pay migrant workers an extra penny per pound of tomatoes they pick. I guess a quarter of a million is a pretty big drop in their bucket.

Guess I'll have to go somewhere else today.

Krista - why haven't you talked about this? I thought I'd just link to your post about our Burger King boycott, but I can't find one. You're the activist!


  1. Dude this is crazy but we are also boycotting Burger King!! After messing up my order for the 4th time in a row, I was told by mgmt that they could not give me the food for free because they would have to do it for everyone. I then replied "You messed it up!! Why should I have to wait in line all over again for something you didn't get right the first time" So I get home, give them a poor survey (from the receipt), go to collect my free whopper...and they messed that up too!!! Now I just eat at Subway.

  2. Hey I read in that article that if those tomato pickers can pick at a rate of a tomato per second they can earn up to $12/hr. Sign me up.
    (that was a joke...)
    While we're dissing Burger King, I remember one time in college Julie and I went there and they were out of buns. I thought this was rediculous for a burger joint to be out of buns and told them that they needed to close down shop. I think my ranting embarrased Julie a little...

  3. Bill - I don't thinkm I've found a single place that gives me good service in the drive through!

    Jud - Burger King out of buns? And they didn't give you your burgers for free? [see also Chili's rant :) ]