Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Again

It seems like every year or so, I decide it's time to finally start eating right, and start exercising, and get some weight off. If you've read this blog much in the past, you've seen (or read) some of my efforts.

Well, a number of weeks ago, I hit on this amazing idea. (Or completely idiotic, time will tell.)

I started playing Guitar Hero around Christmas, and had been disappointed that I haven't had much chance to play. So I thought, what if I got up every morning and really played. You know, like you see real guitar players in real bands play. Like they're giving it their all.

And the Guitar Hero Workout was born.

I thought it be interesting to chronicle it, so I've been posting something every day about it at the link above. It's been a month so far, and I've only missed one day playing, and haven't missed any writing about it.

Maybe finding something I like will keep me moving...

And now I've confessed my dork-ness to the entire world.


  1. I don't think that is "dork-ness". You have to do whatever works for you. Maybe I need to get one of those for after the baby gets here. I will be at home a lot and I could do that to loose all this baby weight. HA!
    Can you tell if you have lost weight?

  2. Cardio workout is always good. Keep it up. If you get discouraged over weight loss keep and eye on pulse rate at rest over time. Lower the pulse rate at rest helps a healthy heart. Read all of your hero workout blog. Made it a favorites. Good luck

  3. Julie - I think I've lost about a pound. But then, I haven't changed my eating habits, and I'm still eating junk like it's going out of style. I think it takes both...(at least that's what all the weight loss commercials say :) ).

    Dad - thanks! I think you're right; regardless of the weight loss, more activity's a good thing...

  4. Jim-- that is cool. To each his own, bro. Hey, you need to check out the Wii. We borrowed one of those from Ricky and Shera a few weeks ago and I was huffing and puffing while playing that thing. The tennis and boxing games really made me sore the next day!

  5. I heard those are awesome - and hard to find! I'm looking forward trying one out.