Monday, March 31, 2008

More on the Conspiracy Against Jim

When I order water in a restaurant, I'm used to ordering it "without lemon" (long story). Of course, I usually end up with a slice of lemon on my glass; force of habit - I understand. But recently, I read somewhere that the tradition of a slice of lemon on a glass started as a way to clean off the lip before drinking. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, especially since the only time I don't use a straw is when I drink water. So l stopped ordering my water without lemon. And you know what? As soon as I stopped, I stopped getting lemon slices on my glass.

Coincidence? I think not


  1. A little bird once told me that lemon was a bad idea, Why, you ask? Well lets think about how the lemon got there. Was the lemon precut or cut fresh. If so was it handled with glove hands or did the employee just return from the bathroom without washing their hands? Or was it placed by the chef who just finished handling raw meat? Next item to consider is how was the lemon placed on the rim of the glass? Was it placed by using a device or human hands? My suggestion is stick with the straw and forget the lemon

  2. So why do you not use a straw when you drink H2O? That is funny!

  3. Gross, Dad - thanks for that! Now I'll never drink water in a restaurant.

    And I don't know why I don't like to use a straw - I think it just tastes better.

  4. Jim, looks like you ate at Chilis. We ate there last night and I recognize the table and menu in your picture...
    I always get my water with lemon. I think that the lemon gives it just the perfect amount of flavor. It also helps camoflauge the "bad" tasting water...
    This is starting to sound like a Seinfeld episode.

  5. Ha! I just don't like lemon in my water for some reason...that's why I started ordering it without lemon in the first place...

    Did you ever notice at Chili's that they always seem to be out of something? We don't go there that much, but we've been there when they've been out of chips; when they've been out ranch dressing - crazy stuff! Or even completely out of major items on their menu.

  6. Funny you said that. When we went there the other night we ordered the Skillet Queso (awesome appetizer!) and they were out. That's pretty much the main reason we wanted to go there... At the end of our meal the manager brings us this huge bag of chips and a to-go bowl of Skillet Queso (for free) and apologized for not having it earlier. So that was pretty cool...

  7. See! The conspiracy again!

    That happens to us all the time at Chili's, and never - never - has anyone done anything like that.

    Good grief...