Sunday, October 30, 2005

Falling Back

It's nice to have a good night's sleep, get up early, make a pot of coffee... Of course, we'll still probably be scrambling to make it to church on time in two hours. But that one night doesn't seem to be a good trade off for going off of Daylight Savings Time and losing, it seems, that extra hour we have of light every night just when the days are getting that much shorter. There's nothing like getting to work when it's dark, and leaving when it's dark. I'll just have to be that much better at making sure I take some time out for lunch during the day.


Took my daughter to the new Wallace and Grommit movie yesterday. About two-thirds of the way through the film, when Julianna was saying, "This movie is taking a long time," I was starting to think that it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. But it completely redeemed itself with the final 15 minutes which was completely worthy of a Wallace and Grommit film. I'll have my stop-motion fix for awhile, especially if I get to see Corpse Bride this week.


Technology: You can't live with it, you can't live without it.

-Earlier this week, the power supply on our home computer went out. I hope that's what it was since we're buying a new one from eBay which should be here in the next few days. We can access the internet through other computers, but all our pictures are on there, our budget spreadsheet, everything important. I hope the hard drive's intact. I was just thinking a couple weeks ago that we needed to back it up but hadn't done anything about it. Maybe this is a good reminder.
-This morning the batteries were dead in the digital camera. I couldn't take a picture of the cool Batman sucker I picked up at Cracker Barrel yesterday. What's cool about it is not the sucker part, but the fact that there's a working Bat Symbol that you can shine out of the base. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait to put it into the Museum until I get a halfway decent set of AAs. The most frustrating thing is that I bought a few "Energizer Gold" batteries yesterday at Target and I think I left them at the checkout (there's $2 down the drain). Also, the set of brand new regular Energizer batteries we just bought didn't have enough juice to take a single picture. I hope our camera's not on the blink, too.
-Then this morning, MusicMatch Jukebox wouldn't play the Zoe CD I put in. Sure, Windows Media Player worked just fine, but I'd rather use MusicMatch than another Microsoft product.

The more we rely on technology, it seems, the more annoyances it causes when we don't have it. It's funny how our problems are all relative and seem so much bigger the more time passes from real disasters and we, once more, get bogged down in our own lives.

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