Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Again

It seems like every year or so, I decide it's time to finally start eating right, and start exercising, and get some weight off. If you've read this blog much in the past, you've seen (or read) some of my efforts.

Well, a number of weeks ago, I hit on this amazing idea. (Or completely idiotic, time will tell.)

I started playing Guitar Hero around Christmas, and had been disappointed that I haven't had much chance to play. So I thought, what if I got up every morning and really played. You know, like you see real guitar players in real bands play. Like they're giving it their all.

And the Guitar Hero Workout was born.

I thought it be interesting to chronicle it, so I've been posting something every day about it at the link above. It's been a month so far, and I've only missed one day playing, and haven't missed any writing about it.

Maybe finding something I like will keep me moving...

And now I've confessed my dork-ness to the entire world.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Against the Law

I'm outside Rogersville on Highway 72 and just passed the second person in about 5 minutes who decided to make a *left* hand turn from the *right* hand lane.

Isn't there a law against that?

(I took the pic yesterday morning.)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pop's BBQ

It seems Comcast is having troubles tonight, so no cable and no internet. I think they should pro-rate me this time on my cable bill. That seems fair, doesn't it? At least I can still blog from my cell phone. I am soooo cool.

Anyway, tired of the same old places to eat in Florence, Krista suggested we try Pop's out in St. Florian. So we headed out there for lunch today and got a tasty meal for a decent price. I had a double hamburger and she tried the roasted chicken. It was really pretty good, and it was nice to take in some local culture for a change rather than supporting all the franchises in town. Head out there and try it if you haven't, yet. Just drive out to St. Florian and pull in the parking lot with the giant chicken and giant pig. I don't think you could miss it if you tried.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mmmm...Grillin' Over an Open Flame

I really want to get a Whopper when I head out of town to pick Krista up from the airport.

Unfortunately, Burger King still refuses to spend an extra $250,000 a year to pay migrant workers an extra penny per pound of tomatoes they pick. I guess a quarter of a million is a pretty big drop in their bucket.

Guess I'll have to go somewhere else today.

Krista - why haven't you talked about this? I thought I'd just link to your post about our Burger King boycott, but I can't find one. You're the activist!

Computer Graphics vs. Stop Motion

What's cooler than stop-motion Tron? This is pretty amazing...

Uploaded by freres-hueon

Thanks to Kung Fu Rodeo

Friday, April 04, 2008

Stupid Weather

I had to run some errands Tuesday afternoon - it was so warm outside I wore a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. Based on that fact, I didn't wear a coat to work on Wednesday. And I froze my butt off when we all had to go outside for a fire drill.

This morning, I thought I'd be smart and check how warm it was before I left the house. Since it was fairly nice out - warm enough for short-sleeves at 7 in the morning - I knew I wouldn't need a jacket. And I've been freezing all day long.

I don't care how hot it gets this summer - I'm wearing a coat every day.