Saturday, December 06, 2008

Keeping History

One of the thing that's so hard about kids is trying to make sure you have ways to keep those memories without being obsessed by capturing every second on camera instead of spending time with them. When Julianna was born, we bought a camcorder, but kept if for less than a year when I figured out every time I wanted to record a memory, by the time I unpacked the camcorder, Julianna had stopped doing whatever we wanted to record. And the last thing I was going to do was walk around with a camcorder glued to my hand just in case she did something cute.

So, we've done our best with a camera - taking pictures when we remember, grabbing short videos now and then.  And a little while back we bought a Flip video camera - which is about the simplest camera to use. I try to record a few when I can - here are a couple of my attempts to keep history recorded.


Night, Night

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