Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weird Stuff on the Web

The internet is a wacky place.

Take a look at this web site for a Dutch department store. Let it load, and just sit and watch. Pretty cool.

And then there's Publisher's Clearing House. They've made the transition to on-line, too. I've been subscribing to MyPoints for a while (have you heard of it - you accumulate points by clicking on web sites or shopping on-line and you can trade the points for stuff like gift cards; pretty cool). Anyway, I signed up for Publisher's Clearing House to get a few more points. I clicked on one of the e-mails they sent today, and they're still trying to get people to buy crap nobody wants. Take a look at this ad below.

Yup. No DVDs or CDs here. The "How to Play Harmonica" comes with a VHS videotape, and the "How to Play Guitar" comes with a video and a cassette tape. Yeah; they're trying to pawn off this old junk that's sitting in a warehouse somewhere collecting dust. How many people don't even own a VCR or a cassette player anymore? We're not on the cutting edge of technology (as much as we'd like to be), but we don't own either of those. Just one more great use for the internet.

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