Thursday, February 28, 2008


Finally caught Cloverfield tonight. I decided that I wasn't going to miss it on the big screen, since I still haven't seen Blair Witch. It was between Cloverfield and Persepolis (which I also can't wait to see - it's also a comic book film), but I think that Cloverfield probably had more of an impact on the big screen whereas I can probably catch Persepolis on DVD and get the full impact.

But man is it intense. It took me about 30 minutes listening to Pink Floyd on the way home to relax a bit. Even then, I was sitting in the living room tonight eating a bowl of Crispix, and jumped when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Of course, it was just a piece of paper flutting to the floor. Gave Krista a good laugh.

I'd give the movie about a 7/10, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The whole thing's filmed like it's done with a camcorder, but it didn't seem to bother me. Must be all the hours I've spent in First Person Shooter games...


  1. Glad you got a chance to see it. I fell down the first time I stood up after seeing it. My buddy almost got sick afterward (weenie) and then a week later had a panic attack cause he was flying into New York on business, looked out the window, and had a

    I heard they are going to make a sequel but it will take place on the same night across town with different people!! Oh and how about some linky love!!!

  2. Well, I definitely need to see Blair Witch now - that camera work didn't bother me at all.