Sunday, November 04, 2007

What do people see when they look at you?

A couple weeks ago during the 11 am service at Crosspoint, Randy Hargett was saying how you're professing Jesus no matter what you're doing. The idea really hit home while listening to the radio a few nights later.

I was driving home, listening to Total Axxess - an evening radio show out of Nashville that plays on the local WAY FM Christian station. The DJ was talking about confessing horrible things that you've done - though more in the vein of social faux pas. Someone called in with the following story. Now, it almost sounds like a joke to me - something you might forward in e-mails, but the guy tells it like it's something that really happened to him. I tried to Google it, but had no luck. Maybe it really is true.

The story he tells is that one day he is driving down the road, and this guy gets behind him and starts honking at him like a crazy person. He just won't stop. The guy keeps driving behind him and honking and honking. Finally, the guy telling the story gets sick of it and turns around and flips the guy off.

Now, at this point I figured he was going to get home and feel bad because he left his gas tank open or something and the other guy was trying to tell him.

But no, it's better.

He ends up at some point washing his car. It's then that he finds that his wife has put the bumper sticker on his car, "Honk if you love Jesus."

The moral of this story is to always remember - you're always sharing your faith, regardless of how your acting. What kind of impression are you making?


  1. Good story! Makes you think about how you act when driving or anywhere else.

  2. that just makes me scrunch my face. ouch.
    i thought about how i was so impatient Saturday. yuck.
    even if its just your kids watching
    they are always taking unaware mental notes.