Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Ugly White Underbelly of North Alabama Politics

Good grief, the ads are getting old. I'll be glad to see Election Day come and go. Interesting that it seems like every single candidate is a white, middle-aged man. Well, I guess except for the one white, middle-aged woman.

This time around the mudslinging has gotten way out of hand. You know things can't get much worse when you see mudslinging about mudslinging.
Don't vote for this candidate - all he does is bad-mouth everyone he's running against; he's a no-good, lying, cheating rat-bastard whose only platform is to insult his opponents.

And how about this trade-off? Alabama State Senate Candidate #1 (Bobby Day) suggests that Alabama State Senate Candidate #2 (Arthur Orr) may have caused cancer in a little girl due to leaky tanks at gas stations he owns (or something to that effect). Candidate #2 (Orr) responds that Candidate #1 (Day) is exploiting cancer for the sake of the election (or, actually, the young-sounding female cancer survivor on the radio ad I heard today said that Day was exploiting her cancer). The irony is that, now, Candidate #2 is exploiting a cancer survivor to return the favor.

My favorite, though was the radio spot I heard on the way to work this morning. I almost ran off the road, I was laughing so hard (not really - that's just a little hyperbole).

Speaker: If you want to know the truth about Bobby Denton, just ask the people who know.
Person Who Knows with an accent about as Southern as you can imagine: He's born 'bout 5-6 miles from Coon Dog Cemetery. That area don't turn out anyone bad.

I kid you not. I swear I heard that this morning, and that's a near-verbatim quote (as well as I can remember). Coon Dog Cemetary is a real place somewhere near Cherokee, AL that I've never heard before this commercial. This was nearly as funny as The Doll Named "Poopy". Come to find out, Bobby Denton is the Singing Senator. Good grief.

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  1. Vote Thrid Party on ever ticket--

    Two Parties = Zero Choice.

    Cast your vote AGAINST politics as usual.