Monday, November 28, 2005

Beautiful Petoskey

Spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Michigan.

First went to visit Krista's sister (Shara) and her family in Petoskey. They have five girls under the age of 8. Right now, one's enough for me. In twelve years, Pete (Shara's husband) will have 5 teenage girls (but I'm not going to tell him that). I thought it would be chaotic, but it wasn't. Pete and I spent hours talking theology. It was a great trip and we had a blast with the whole family.

A few photos:

The view from their backyard.

Waterfall in a nearby park.

A bridge in the same park.

Driving through Petoskey

Afterwards we drove further south and visited my family. A picture from a night in Flat Rock, MI:

Snowy Michigan night.


  1. Cool pictures, Jim! Is the park that you were talking about that Bayfront Park? When did you guys go to that? Thanks for speaking kindly about our houseful of girls! Glad you guys came up. It really was a blast!

  2. I don't know what it's called - it's the one on Little Traverse Bay with the big Petoskey sign. We can't wait to come again!

    I see your profile, but am waiting for you to start a blog so I can read it.