Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Old

Huh!  I've been at this a while and never been "tagged" before (thanks, Krista!). 

So...what was I doing...

20 Years Ago (October 1988)
Good grief, I'm old.  I was in my first semester of my senior year of high school. (That means next year is my 20-year-reunion. *sigh*)  Anyway, I was starting a decent Senior Year, after a rough Junior Year.  After receiving my first C's (plural) my Junior Year (that's not the only reason it was troubling - there was lots of crap going on), I came back my Senior Year, got all A's, was an Associate Editor of the school yearbook, and finally looked forward to college. I was a big, giant dork in high school (so not a lot has changed): in the National Honor Society, the Science Club, and was, of course, President of the Chess Club. I enjoyed my classes, but lunchtime was always my favorite, hanging out with best friends Steve Hatfield or Ron Johnson.

10 Years Ago (October 1998)
Krista and my paths met about 7 years ago, and we've been married a little over 5 years, now.  We're the best of friends (though have our rough times), and have lived in Florence for about a year now (after moving from Baltimore), being convinced by Jerry and Trina Ross that it's a great place to live, and really liking their church.  I've finally got a decent job, though one that's going to have me commuting to Huntsville every day (Krista was temping in Huntsville, so at least we could commute together). Good grief, what were we doing back then? I think we lived in Coffee Manor - those apartments over by what used to be Coffee High School. We were enjoying getting into Darby Drive Church of Christ events and spending time with new (and old) friends. Those were some lean times, especially before I started working in Huntsville, but they were good times. (At least gas was hovering just over $1 a gallon!)

5 Years Ago (October 2003)
Julianna's a year-and-a-half old.  And how she's talking! We're just loving spending time with her.  She's been the perfect baby.  The only thing we really complain about is how it took an hour of laying down with her to get her to sleep. We're thinking, one kid is good for now.

1 Year Ago (October 2007)
We've got Baby Max now (he's about 6 months) and are gearing up for the CrossPoint Harvest Festival. Julianna is going to be Tinkerbell, and Max is Peter Pan.  I guess his homemade costume makes everyone thinks he dressed as an elf (even with his hat with the feather in it, and the plastic knife in his belt).

Yesterday (October 25, 2008)
Yay!  It's Saturday!  Julianna played soccer in the morning, and we spent the afternoon at the Florence Renaissance Faire. Oh, and can't forget that we got a babysitter for Max, so we could take Julianna to High School Musical 3: Senior Year. (My, how things have changed since I was a high school senior!)

Today (October 26, 2008)
Church this morning, church tonight, and the requisite "chillin'" in between.  Finally took some time to write today.  My time and mind has been all chaotic lately and I haven't really had the time or inclination.

Tomorrow (October 27, 2008)
I always look forward to Mondays.


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