Tuesday, December 06, 2005

God, Beauty, and Pink Floyd

Lately, what music has brought my mind to God more than any other?

Pink Floyd.

The other day, I was driving home from work, listening to the local classic rock station, and Breathe from Dark Side of the Moon came over the radio. The music brought a smile to my face. It calmed me during a stressful ride home. It made me think about the beauty God has created in this life. The awesome gift of music that He has given us. The amazing talent He granted to Waters, Gilmour, Wright, Mason, and others on the album.

A couple days later, I was listening to A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Lately, it seems like believers are taking more of an interest in the plight of people in the world around them. (I'd like to throw in a finally here, but I'm pretty much behind the curve, so that'd be the pot calling the kettle black.) It seems odd that we would need this turning point, considering the importance Jesus placed on helping those in need, but it seems like these times have seen many of us turning a blind eye to the helpless. And as the fifth track on the album began to play, I was reminded how it seems like everybody's doing it. Almost as if we have some sort of subliminal pusher: Come on...you know you want to...just ignore that homeless guy...forget the fact that you're more affluent than most of the rest of the world...it's not your fault...

The words just kind of echoed in my head.

On the turning away,
From the pale and downtrodden...

It seems Jesus and David Gilmour agree on this one.


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  2. I ran a test post, to see if I could post, because last night it wouldn't let me. Jim, I agree. I know that being benevolent takes guts to. Sometimes we can face the greatest reproach from the people we're trying to help the most. I know I have found this to be true. The world encourages me to be finished with benevolence when I find myself or our church burnt or taken advantage of - BUT I pray for God's patience to be granted to me. Being burnt is no big deal if I realize life is not about things. I owe love to all. A good question, though, is when is too much help hurtful and perhaps enabling? Or do we help each time no matter what? I'm having to deal with that this month - I would love some input.

  3. The world encourages me to be finished with benevolence when I find myself or our church burnt or taken advantage of...

    It's really difficult when your brothers and sisters encourage you to be finished (which I've seen enough of). But on to your question -

    It's a good question. I wish I had the answer. Though I think there might be some questions that need to be answered in the situation with prayerful guidance from God, and maybe can't be answered outside of the situation. How's that for a vague answer?