Saturday, April 16, 2005

My Second Childhood

Now I yam the Master!

When I my brother Joe told me about these, I knew I had to get one. Oddly enough, they were $2 less at Disney when we went a few weeks ago than they are at Toys R Us and WalMart.

I collect toys - mostly it's Batman and comic-related toys, as you might expect, but I couldn't pass up the novelty of a Darth Tater.

Julianna turns 3 in a few days, so we were at Toys R Us today doing some birthday shopping with practically the whole family. Of course, we were there for her, so I didn't look for anything for myself...

I don't know how these cool, dark chocolate M&Ms appeared in our cart...

Or this C3 Construction Batmobile that I've been eyeing since Christmas...

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